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Wildlife Crossings

The mission of the Wildlife Crossing Working Group is to better understand the functional relationship between transportation and wildlife ecology along I-80. Through conversations focused around areas that intersect with I-80, the working group will explore the various dynamics of road ecology and consider enhanced infrastructure that can improve the safety of motorists and wildlife by reducing wildlife-vehicle collisions, decreasing habitat fragmentation, and increasing landscape connectivity.

 The  wildlife in Nevada are enjoying their crossing.

Wildlife-Vehicle Collision Reduction Study: Report To Congress  - RECENT ADDITION

Tunnel Fence near shingle springs to help critters cross hwy 50 

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I-80 Safety crossing begins construction in northeast Nevada

California roadkill observation system
Determining wildlife use of wildlife crossing structures under different scenarios
Evaluation of the use and effectiveness of wildlife crossings
Wildlife and Roads Decision Guide
A toolkit for reducing wildlife & domestic animal-vehicle collisions in Utah
Deer-vehicle crash hotspots in Utah: data for effective mitigation
Eco-Logical: An Ecosystem Approach to Developing Infrastructure Projects
Western Governor's Association
Wildlife Crossing Structure Handbook
California Wildlife Crossings Guidance Manual
Handbook for Design and Evaluation of Wildlife Crossing Structures in North America
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