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Tourism is a major social, cultural, and economic driver among and between communities along the I-80 Corridor. This working group will explore the challenges and needs encountered in achieving the mobility along the I-80 corridor that is necessary to support a healthy and sustainable tourism industry. Easy access is a critical issue for the economic viability and vitality of tourism sites, and communities that rely on tourists that visit these sites.


Drawing on the knowledge and experiences of this working group’s members, this working group will aim to identify:
  • the importance of the corridor to the tourism sector – identifying critical sections, key destinations
  • where the corridor does not meet the needs of the tourism sector now
  • where the corridor will likely not meet the needs of the tourism sector in the future
  • where and how the corridor can be improved to meet the needs of the tourism sector
  • underutilized tourism opportunities and recreation potential
The working group also feels it is imperative to develop a profile of the I-80 tourist to understand who is using I-80, what their expectations are, what are the reasons travelers exit the interstate, and what are they looking for when they do.


A technical memo, initially outlining the existing conditions relevant to the Tourism Sector. This is to be expanded to include short and long term goals, and a prioritized list of already identified projects in STIPs and TIPs, using evaluation criteria generated by the working group. A Technical Memo summarizing the following within the Tourism Sector:
  •  Best practices
  • Accomplishments – success stories
  • Potential Federal funding sources
  • Other topics? Winter Olympics at Reno-Tahoe? Passenger Rail?


Individuals in this working group will be involved in an hour-long conference call discussion every month as well as other information exchange activities (e.g. surveys). Members of the working group will likely provide briefing updates to the larger task forces engaged in the study. Additionally, members should communicate within their organizations about the nature and results of the working group’s dialogue. 
  • Initial Technical Memo on existing conditions
  • Prioritized list of already identified projects (STIP and TIP)
  • Interim Technical Memo on short and long term goals



The working group will be comprised of individuals either working within the tourism industry or familiar with the tourism needs of the communities they represent. Members will be drawn from:
  • State Level departments responsible for tourism
  • Regional or City tourist offices
  • Elected representatives from smaller cities where the Chamber of Commerce is the principal body for coordinating and promoting tourism
  • Representative from the Reno-Tahoe Winter Olympic bid team


State tourism websites (from west to east):
Other relevant documents:
Wyoming Long Range Transportation Plan