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This group is exploring the interactions between livability principles and safety.


Mission Statement:

The mission of the I-80 CSMP Safety working group is to thoroughly investigate all issues relevant, important, and actionable regarding the topic of safety on I-80 and affecting communities along the corridor from San Francisco CA to Cheyenne WY. 

Topics for investigation:

The following topics are being explored by the working group:

1.     Engineering Safety Solutions

2.     Speed Management

3.     Map pertinent SHSP Goals to relevant Livability Principals

4.   TIMs, Enforcement Coordination & EMS Coordination

5.     ITS

6.     Safety Education / Behavioral issues

7.     Funding of Non-Infrastructure Measures

8.     Vulnerable Road Users


Objectives, Goals, Deliverables:

Objective: Engage in a dialog that identifies relevant issues and best practices with regard to safety in and along the I-80 corridor

Goals: Determine the existing condition(s) of each topic, identify gaps and/or unmet needs, and develop actions to address deficiencies. Map the state’s pertinent SHSP Goals to relevant livability principals.

Deliverables: Short technical memorandums for each topic that define the existing condition, best practices, unmet needs, and proposed actions to address deficiencies. Technical memorandum documenting the mapping of pertinent SHSP Goals to relevant livability principals.

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