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Freight and Logistics

Freight and logistics rely on mobility. This group is exploring the complex interactions livability principles have with freight and logistics mobility.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the I-80 CSMP Freight and Logistics working group is to thoroughly investigate all issues relevant, important, and actionable regarding the topic of freight mobility and the I-80 corridor from San Francisco to Cheyenne. 

Topics for further development:

The following topics are being explored by the working group:

1-    Overdimensional permits – conformity amongst States and ease of credentialing

2-    Freight Performance Measures

3-    Tax equity and innovations – Impacts to industry of Distance based proposals

4-    Freight data – types and relevancy

5-    Truck Bypass/designated lanes for Urban areas

6-    Truck Parking Working group

7-    Intermodal freight connectivity

8-    Industry issues (need input)

9-    Commercial Vehicle enforcement issues (need input)

10- State Agency issues (need input)

11-  MPO issues (need input)

Objectives, Goals, Deliverables:

Objective: Engage in a dialog that identifies relevant issues and best practices with regard to freight movement in the I-80 corridor

Goal: Determine the existing condition(s) of each topic, identify gaps and/or unmet needs, and develop actions to address deficiencies.

Deliverables: Technical memorandums for each topic that define the existing condition, best practices, unmet needs, and proposed actions to address deficiencies.

The following documents provide freight and logistics related information.
California Interregional Blueprint Draft Interim Report

UDOT Long Range Plan


I-80 Tolling Study- Phase 2

Wyoming Connects I-80 Evanston to Cheyenne

Washoe County RTIP


Salt Lake City Transportation Master Plan
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